Chart Trading

Trading on the Chart

You can now trade directly from the chart. Available for both Charting and Advanced Charting users.

Click the Image button to enable trading on the chart. The depth of market will appear on the right of the chart, click on the bid or offer to bring up the Price Confirm popup where you can verify the price, change volumes and order type.

Your working orders will display on the chart and can be pulled or revised by clicking on them.

NOTE: Depth of market will only be shown while 'Auto-Scale Prices' is enabled.

See the Chart Trading How To Video for more information.


Turn on/off Chart Trading. Set default Chart Trading quantity. Pull all orders in the selected month only. Position information. Autoscale price column. Bid/Offer columns. Order information. Pull this order only. Modify this order. Filled order. Average long/short price of open position. Last traded price. Chart properties.

Image Order types. Order quantity. Order price. Market order. Order ticket. Scroll through prices.

Place an Order

Make sure Chart Trading is enabled. Click the bid or offer column to open the prompt for buy or sell orders, respectively. Choose the order type (Trailing, Stop, Stop Limit, etc.), or leave all order types unselected for a limit order. Note that choosing to place a Market order will execute the selected quantity immediately. Check that the order quantity is correct and make any changes if necessary. Click the desired price to enter the order. Note that clicking MKT will enter a market order. Use the up/down arrows the scroll through different prices. Alternately, click TKT to open a classic ticket for order entry.

Revise/Cancel an Order

Click the blue/red dot to open the order entry prompt. Modify the quantity if necessary and click the new price to revise the order. Alternately, click and drag the blue/red dot to modify the price of an order. Click the red circled “X” in the order entry prompt or in the order details to cancel that order only. Click the red circled “X” at the top of the chart to cancel all orders in the selected month.


Click the properties button in the upper left of the chart window. Select the “Account” tab. Select how orders, order details, fills, and position information are displayed in the chart.

Helpful Video

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