Logging In

When logging in simply select the appropriate server on the login screen. To ease the login process, T4 Mobile for iOS will remember your logins. You simply need to enter your password. If you would like T4 Mobile for iOS to forget a saved login, simply long-press the login and select the option to delete it.

Please remember that T4 can only be logged into one device at a time. Logging into T4 mobile for iOS will log you off our Desktop application automatically and vice versa.

  1. Servers You can choose between Live and simulated by tapping one of the options. Note: The live CME only pertains users on the trading floor using the CME wireless network.
  2. Firm: Indicates the firm through which you trade.
  3. Username/Password: These will be provided by your Administrator. Your password will be displayed as a series of *’s as you type. This is to prevent anyone from seeing your password.
  4. Login: Tap this once you have your firm, username and password entered.
  5. Forgot Password; Tap this and you will get a link to create a new password. You can always reach out to your Firm Administrator to get a new password.
  6. Keep me logged in: If you enable this you will stay logged in.
  7. Simple sign in: You need to enable Two Factor Authentication to use these features.
  8. Create Account: If you have not registered for a simulated account you can tap this to register.
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