Logging In

  1. Server drop-down options can be toggled to Live or Simulator.
  2. If logged in before on this device, the Recently Used login screen is displayed initially
  3. Recent logins are sorted first by the server (Live first), then Firm alphabetically, then User Name alphabetically.
  4. When you select a recently used login, the user is prompted only for the password.
  5. Clicking Sign in a Different User takes the user to the full login screen.
  6. You can delete a recent login by long-pressing it. An options window appears with the recent login details as the title and an option to delete it.
  7. When the last recent login is deleted, the full login screen is displayed.
  8. When you click the free two-week simulator tab it takes you to the registration page.

Tip: To be able to login T4 Android requires Android version 4.2 or higher.

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